Online Resources

Here are some links to helpful websites for learning and developing software.  Some websites provide free tutorials.  Others are official sites of computer languages and software tools, which also provide documentation and code examples. (Code Academy)
(HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby, APIs) Hour of Code Learn Beyond an Hour or Code

Khan Academy (Free lessons in math, science, economics, finance, humanities, computer science)
Khan Academy: Hour of Code

W3 Schools (Free online tutorials)
(HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, SQL, PHP, ASP, XML, XSLT, XPath, SVG, Google Maps)

PHP (PHP Hypertext Processor)
PHP: Documentation

JQuery (Javascript library)
JQuery: API

MySQL (Relational Database)
MySQL: Documentation

Perl (Multi-purpose programming language)
Perl: Documentation
Perl: Learning index page
Perl: CGI (Common Gateway Interface) for building webpages
Perl: Regular Expressions (text patterns)

Java (Cross-platform computer language)
Java: Tutorials

.NET (Windows)
Common runtime environment across multiple languages (C#, ASP, etc.)
.NET: Multi-platform support for Microsoft platforms (OS)

Apache Web Server
LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
WAMP Server: Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP

MIT Open Courseware
MIT OCW: About page
MIT OCW: Engineering, Computer Science

Creative Edge (online tech books & videos)


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