Basic Goals of Rutland Tech Club

  1. Form a group of people, of all ages, who are interested in learning or upgrading their Information Technology skills.  Hopefully, some folks would be willing to share their skills and knowledge by teaching a workshop or helping others via email / phone to answer questions, provide advice on individual or group projects or activities.  Share with the group about online tutorials, helpful websites, or software tools that you use or have discovered.
  2. IT Skills: Computer programming, application development (web apps, phone apps, web services, scripts, interactive / animated computer art, social media, etc.).  The languages and technologies could be those listed in Interest survey or mentioned at brainstorm meeting.
  3. To help you with your goals: Do you want to go to college, perhaps in Computer Science?  Do you want to train for a job in computer technology?  Do you want to help and teach others?  Do you want to learn a new skill or computer language?  Do you want to upgrade your skills?  We will maintain a list of helpful local and online resources for you to refer to.  We will try to match those who want to learn with folks who are knowledgeable and willing to help them.
  4. Help the Rutland community: Would you be willing at some point, once you have learned some IT skills, to help out a local non-profit organization with IT assistance or a project.  Perhaps we could form a Volunteer Tech Corps right here in Rutland County.
  5. Get some IT experience: You could gain some practical IT work experience through Volunteer Tech Corps.  Later on, if we hear about any companies offering internships or co-op jobs, we will pass any info we hear about along to Rutland Tech Club members.

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