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Maker Faire coming to downtown Rutland on August 1st

maker_faire_logoThe Rutland Mini Maker Faire (rutlandmakers.org) is calling all makers!  The homepage for RutlandMakers.org has several helpful links to help you learn about Maker Faires and how you can apply to participate in the Rutland event, or volunteer at this event.

This event will be held in conjunction with the annual downtown Rutland Sidewalk Sale and Circus.


Young Hacks Academy Coming to Rutland in July

I recently found out through a Front Porch Forum email ad that there is a new summer camp which includes some computer programming skills training.  The camp is called Young Hacks Academy and will offer programs around Vermont this summer, including two weeks in Rutland.

The YHA uses Scratch programming (MIT Media Lab) to teach some basic programming, logic and problem solving skills.  This is the same programming tool that we covered at our recent RTC event in April.  Anyone wanting to learn more about Scratch programming should check out this learning opportunity.  YHA is coming to Rutland the weeks of July 7 – 11 and July 14 -18.  The summer camp will take place at Christ the King School.  For more info, check out the YHA website.

Scratch Programming Demo: Garden Box

Here is my first Scratch program, besides the Getting Started Tutorial.  Given that Rutland is known for it’s local foods, with the Farmers Market, RAFFL, the Vermont Farmers Food Center, and community gardens, I thought I would follow that theme.

Here is my Garden Box Scratch program.



Just click on a vegetable or flower to see a message.  Then click inside a square in the 3×3 garden box to plant the chosen veggie or flower.  Turn up your computer speakers to hear a musical note when each plant is placed in the garden box.

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Kenn Hayes @ WSYB: Thanks for Morning Chat!

On Monday, January 20th, Steve and I joined Kenn Hayes for a “Morning Chat”, which is also the name of his morning radio show on WSYB (1380 AM), from 9-10AM M-F.

It was my first time appearing on the radio, and Kenn made us feel welcome, and it was a fun experience.  Ken started by asking us a few questions about computer terminology and acronyms that we commonly hear and see these days, in the news or on our computer screens.  We even got a couple calls from radio listeners.

Kenn asked us about the word “cache”, as in browser cache.  Steve answered the question, and about clearing out the browser cache (here is a good article which explains for various browsers).

Kenn’s question about the word “cache” brought back an experience I had in one of my college computer courses.  The professor started using the word “cache” in his lectures (but he did not spell it out).  I knew what “cash” was, since I saw my tuition bill.  This college course did not include a textbook, just the professor’s handouts.  I didn’t understand what he was talking about whenever he said “cache”.  But finally, about two weeks later, I realized that “cache” was basically computer memory or disk storage for holding onto information for use later on.

So how about this acronym” TINSTAADQ: There Is No Such Thing As A Dumb Question.  I learned my lesson in that college class many years ago.  I should have asked what “cache” was, right away.  I might have gotten a better grade in that particular class, if I had only asked.

So please don’t be afraid to ask questions.  I’m hoping that the Rutland Tech Club can help folks to continue learning as computer technology and terminology keeps marching on.

We really appreciate that Kenn Hayes invited us to his radio program, and gave us the opportunity to talk about the new Rutland Tech Club we are trying to get started.

Thank You Kenn!  Best of luck with your Morning Chat show.  You certainly have interesting guests who are doing good things around Rutland County.


CCV Rutland offers FREE Digital Marketing courses

Here is some good news from November 25th article in Rutland Herald about free courses at CCV.

Rutland County residents looking to retrain for the 21st century — or employers looking to raise their profile in the online marketplace — can take some free classes at the Community College of Vermont.

CCV is currently offering a trio of classes to help today’s businesses to thrive in the Internet marketplace: introduction to Internet marketing; search engine marketing and optimization; and Web analytics.

Note: You many need to have an online subscription to the Rutland Herald to view above article link.

But you can also view another page from CCV website, announcing several days of “Open Houses” to promote these new Digital Marketing courses: Free Coffee and Free Courses Open House!

CCV – Rutland Open house dates:
Wednesday, December 11, 8 am – 9 pm
Thursday, December 12, 8 am – 9 pm
Friday, December 13, 8 am – 4 pm
60 West Street, Rutland

I will be checking out the CCV Open House myself.  Sounds like a great opportunity for Rutland area folks and small businesses.

Brainstorm meeting for a Tech Club in Rutland, VT

Saturday, January 11, 2014, 1:00 – 3:00pm

Rutland Free Library, Fox Room (upstairs)
10 Court Street, Rutland, Vermont

Are you interested in learning some new computer and technology skills?  Beyond basic computer literacy, like modern computer programming languages, open source software, databases, website / webapp development and hosting, networking and security?

Would you like to meet others who have similar interests in learning and applying new tech skills?

Would you like to start or join a Rutland Tech Club?

Perhaps we could later start a local “tech corps”, that could help local non-profit orgs or churches with IT assistance and projects.

We will have a “brainstorm” meeting at the Rutland Free Library to discuss peoples’ interests and ideas.  This event is open to all ages: teens, college students, adults and seniors.

Is there something you are interested in learning?  Do you have an IT skill to share with others?  We look forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas and interests.

For more information or questions, please contact:

Ron Pulcer: rutlandtechclub@gmail.com

Stephen Waite: stephen.waite@cmsvt.com