Next Event: September 13, Computer Security Best Practices at Home or Office

Hope you’ve had a nice summer.  After a summer hiatus, the RTC will present our next event on Saturday, September 13, 1-3PM, again at the Rutland Free Library (Fox Room upstairs).  Our guest presenter for September is Chad Merkert.  The topic this month is best practices in computer security.  Chad will give us some useful information on how to keep your computer and information safe from viruses and hackers, including tips on how to manage your passwords, and other helpful tips.

Chad is a local computer tech guy and web developer.  He owns his own tech biz called Merkert Tech.  Chad is finishing up his college degree in computer science this school year (an up-and–coming Tech Guy).  Chad also runs the VermontDev group on (check it out, if you are interested in meeting other local folks interested in Info Tech).  I recently joined the VermontDev group, and that’s how I met Chad!

Check out Chad’s website at  We look forward to seeing you on September 13th at the Library for computer security best practices!

Ron and Steve


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