Scratch Starter Project to Animate Letters and Numbers

After working with Scratch a bit I realized that finding or creating the images for backdrop and sprites can be time consuming.  In fact, for a given project you could spend as much time on the graphic images that you would spend on putting the code blocks and events together.

So in order to expedite learning the Scratch coding blocks and categories, I have setup a Scratch project with some ready made sprites.  The project is titled, “Be Creative With Letters and Numbers”.


I obtained the alphabet letters and number images from the free clip art website called (Thank You).  The letter and number images for sprites are in the motif of a keyboard key per character.

Go ahead and run this Scratch project and “look inside” to see the “snap-together” code blocks for each sprite.  The Scratch Cat mascot gives you the introduction and instructions.  The letters A, B and C are animated when you press the respective keys on your keyboard.

If you want to start your own project, then just Remix this project.  The Remix will make a new copy for you to work with, and it won’t affect the original project.  If you are not a registered user of Scratch, then you won’t be able to save your work.  So you might want to register for Scratch first.

In order to Remix, click the “See Inside” button.  Then once you are in the Scratch editor, click the orange Remix button in the upper right corner of the screen (next to the See Project Page button).

Once you have begun the Remix, you can build upon the code there.  But most likely you will want to do your own thing and pursue your own ideas.  You can remove the A, B and C sprites from the display, and the associated code.  Likewise, you can remove the code blocks for the Scratch Cat.  In the Sprites list you can see the 36 sprites for alphabet letters and numbers.  They are actually part of the project, but were hidden (except A, B and C).  So you first will want to decide which letters and numbers you want to use.  Then make them visible by right-clicking those sprites and choosing “show”.  If you want to hide a sprite, then right-click and choose “hide” instead.

You can also add more sprites to a Remix project.  The Remix parent project is just a starting point.  In object-oriented programming there is a concept called “inheritance”.  The Scratch Remix feature is somewhat similar to “inheriting” a parent program or class, and then expounding upon it, to tweak or enhance it, or use it as a foundation to do something completely new.

Once you have have your chosen sprites visible, you can begin adding code blocks, events, messages, variables, etc., for you sprites.  Your Remix project may be vastly different from the parent project.  But they share the same set of sprites for you to work with.

At this point, for your first Remix, I recommend spending your time learning the Scratch coding blocks.  Then later on, you can spend the time to create backdrop and sprite images for your next project.  Good luck.


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