Scratch Programming: Getting Started Tutorial

I’ve gone through the Scratch “Getting Started” tutorial to create my first Scratch Project.  Click here for the tutorial that walks you through creating the program step by step.  In order to save your project, you will first need to register as a user on Scratch website, by clicking the “Join Scratch” button in the top right corner of the screen.

Once you are registered, logon to Scratch, and start the tutorial project.  This project is a simple animation that teaches you some basic things about “sprites” and event-driven programming.  This project has two sprites, the cat and the dancing girl.  The cat is positioned via move commands.  The dancing girl is moved via having multiple “costumes” per sprite.  Each costume in a sprite is a separate picture.  The dancing girl has four separate pictures which are looped.  When the cat moves, the snare drum and cymbals play.  The “backdrop” image is the stage with lights.

You can choose some stock backdrops or sprites, or you can create your own within Scratch.  You can also upload other photos from your camera, or images you created with other software such as Microsoft Paint.

After I completed the tutorial, I was able to “share” it.  This allows other people to view the project.  Click the green flag to run the Scratch project.



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